Interview with Jose Man Lius, Art Director Metacubs

Interview with Jose Man Lius, Art Director Metacubs

The genesis of the Metacubs project 

My artist name is José Man Lius (JML) and I am involved in the artistic direction of the ART NFT Metacub collection project designed by PLEIX. Based in Paris, my role is to make the link between creation and the humanist ambition of the Metacubs project. (Inspiration / research / contextualization / technology / meaning). 

I saw Coincub Director Sergiu Hamza in Dublin in 2018 when he was a lead in the innovation department at Accenture. I remember my astonishment in front of a working environment immersed in a fully interactive architecture. After passing by the headquarters of Google, Facebook, Airbnb, Sergiu introduced me to the philosophy of the WEB.V3—NTF—Metavers era. 

How do you see the role of artists evolving with the advent of new creative media like NFTs?

In this journey of artistic exploration, I've come to understand the profound need for artists to continuously reinvent themselves. The advent of NFTs and other new media isn't just a technological leap; it's a gateway to redefining the essence of creativity and its implications for society. As we delve into these uncharted territories, our mission transcends the boundaries of traditional art.

Artists reinvent themselves as they evolve on new creative media -JML

Metacubs NFT Collection

The Metacubs project is a vivid example of this, where our artistic expressions serve not just as a means of aesthetic pleasure but as a powerful instrument for social and environmental advocacy. By intertwining the realms of digital innovation with the timeless values of humanitarianism, we're setting a new paradigm. This evolution signifies more than a shift in artistic mediums—it heralds a new era where art becomes a pivotal force for positive change, echoing the calls for sustainability and equity. It's a testament to the belief that art, in its most evolved form, can indeed transform the world.

Nothing is admissible; except life, provided you reinvent it every day. Blaise Cendrars - Artist, writer  (1887 - 1961)

The NFT Metacub project was born from a common desire to share a new vision of NFT technologies starting from a purely virtual creation system to go towards concrete reality which creates meaning from the socio-economic-environmental utility of the project. It all started with a google search on the painstaking work of associations defending endangered animals. From the simple European fox to the lion of the African plains, we were impressed by the temerity of the associations which fight on the ground in order to offer better living conditions to species which are part of our collective imagination. Are we facing the new heroic and historic figures of our time? 

Metacubs NFT Collection Bear

What inspired the aesthetic choice of using unconventional materials for the Metacubs NFTs, and how does this tie back to the art toy movement of the 2000s?

The decision to craft our Metacubs from materials like neon, resin, wood, and even more ethereal substances was a nod to the vibrant and diverse world of Art Toys. This movement, which blossomed in the early 2000s, redefined collectibles by infusing them with artistic integrity and a sense of limitless creativity. It wasn't just about creating something to look at; it was about challenging the norms of what art could be made from and what forms it could take. By adopting this approach, we wanted to bridge the gap between the tactile, physical world and the digital realm of NFTs, offering a tangible connection to the abstract. This aesthetic choice reflects our ambition to merge the playful with the profound, inviting collectors to engage with art in a manner that's both familiar and utterly groundbreaking.

Metacubs NFT Collection Fox

With the Metacubs project, how do you envision using crypto, blockchain, and NFT technologies to support living beings and the planet?

These technologies, particularly blockchain and NFTs, are revolutionary tools that offer us a unique opportunity to mobilize resources for the greater good. By creating a collection like Metacubs, we're not just crafting art; we're building a bridge to a more engaged and conscious form of citizenship. This project is designed to turn the enthusiasm for digital collectibles into a force for positive action, enabling our community to contribute to ecological, cultural, and social causes. It's about creating an unforgettable human experience that empowers individuals to act for the planet. Through the Metacubs platform, we aim to redirect the media's fascination with NFTs towards recognizing and supporting the work of humanitarian associations and animal conservation efforts. It's a way to leverage the power of art and technology to make a real difference in the world.

Can you tell us more about the creation of the chimera siblings and the mythological storyline developed by your team?

The creation of the chimera siblings was a collaborative effort that sought to encapsulate the spirit of rebellion and the courage to challenge the status quo. Each Metacub, represented by totemic animals like the fox, bear, gorilla, and lion, symbolizes the diverse strengths and qualities we see in the young activists of today. The mythological storyline crafted by our French and Irish-American editorial teams brings these figures to life, weaving a narrative that transcends time and space. In this story, the Metacubs are not just figurines; they are powerful symbols of nature's guardians, tasked with protecting the Earth from its own demise. This narrative is a call to action, inspiring us to recognize our interconnectedness with the natural world and to fight for its preservation. It's a reminder that art can be a vehicle for change, propelling us towards a future where harmony between humanity and the environment is not just a myth, but a reality.

ART DIRECTOR : José Man Lius - 

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