The Metacubs project is a testing ground for critically acclaimed artist collective Pleix to reshape the Metaverse. Powered by crypto analysis platform Coincub, Metacubs is a call to action for future-oriented experience art NFT collectors who are ready and willing to save the planet and its endangered species.

Built around an initial genesis drop of 44 unique NFTs on the Polygon blockchain, the project utilizes technology, community, Metacubs represents the generation that sees the climate crisis for what it is and won’t hesitate to act.

We're heading towards an uncertain future.The environment and wild animals are in danger, ice caps are melting, civil unrest is brewing, and entrenched financial paradigms are getting dismantled at warp speed. Metacubs answers warranted criticisms about the environmental impact of crypto through green investment strategies. Keep reading to find out more about the Metacubs; who built it, what it is, and what the future looks like. We're not experts with tarot cards or crystal balls, but we can predict that this is going to be big.

“Teens are rebelling against their parents’ political inaction on the environment. With ‘Metacubs’ we wanted to pay tribute to the new knights of our times: Greta Thunberg, Leah Namugerva, Lilly—Ralyn Satidtanasarn, Alexandria Villaseñor, Isabel and Melati Wijsen.”

Jose Man Lius - Art Director

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